REVIEW: “Blame It on the Kiss” by Robin Bielman

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REVIEW: “Blame It on the Kiss” by Robin Bielman

Title:  Blame It on the Kiss
Author:  Robin Bielman
Series:  Kisses in the Sand #2
Release Date:  June 9, 2015
Publisher:  Entangled Publishing
Source:  ARC
Rating:  L-0 | S-3 | V-0

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“Cute title!  What’s this one about, Andie?”

Blame It on the Kiss by Robin Bielman is a contemporary romance focused on Bryce Bishop and Honor Mitchell, who accidentally made out one time.  It was a great make-out session, and would definitely have led to an even greater one-night stand if Honor hadn’t realized mid-smoochies that Blake was her dead best friend’s ex.  Ouch.  But then, a few months later, they wind up being part of a wedding together and the sexual tension is too much to bear.

“Sounds fun!  So is that the main conflict? That he’s her dead BFF’s ex?”

Sort of?  It’s complicated even more by the fact that when her friend, Payton, died, she left Honor a list of things to do before she turned 25, featuring items like “have a one-night stand” and “fall in love”.  Honor has a pretty fucked up relationship history, so the idea of falling in love terrifies her.  Add that to the fact that sports agent Bryce is currently trying to sign Honor’s little brother, and it’s basically a shit show.

“So what’d you think?”

It was a cute read.  But I probably wouldn’t read it again.  This is the first book I’ve read from the Red Hot Bliss line, and it’s distinctly possible it’s just not my style.  Fans of that line will absolutely love this book, I guarantee it.  But for me, some of the narrative and character development was too shaky, and some of the dialogue made me cringe.  I’m all for dirty talk, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t handle it when 20-somethings say things like, “Do me.”  It’s probably a staple of this line of books, though, not to have language that’s too racy, so the author was stuck in the position of trying to come up with dirty talk that didn’t use any nasty language.

“It’s a series, huh?  Have you read the other ones?”

This is the second in a series that I imagine will be three books long, though I’m only basing that on clues I picked up in the book itself.  I haven’t read the other books yet (though only one other is out at the moment) and I have to admit I’m curious about it.  The wedding I mentioned?  It features the characters from the first book, and from the textual hints I picked up, I do think it would be a cute read.  I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for it in any case.

“So who would you recommend this book to?”

Fans of cute, sweet romances with some steamy sex scenes thrown in would love Blame It on the Kiss by Robin Bielman.  Like I said, I haven’t read the first book yet, but if you loved that one, then I’m sure you’ll love this one too.  It’s a quick read, so it would be a great way to keep yourself occupied while sunning yourself on the beach this summer.

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