REVIEW: “Day 21” by Kass Morgan

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REVIEW: “Day 21” by Kass Morgan

Title: Day 21
Author: Kass Morgan
Series: The Hundred #2
Release Date: September 16, 2014
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Source: Library Audiobook
Rating:  L-1 | S-1 | V-1

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“A sequel, huh?  Do I have to read the first one?”

You certainly can.  I’m always an advocate of reading a series in order, but Day 21 does a pretty good job of filling in the blanks for those who are new to the world of The 100.

In Day 21 by Kass Morgan, three weeks (surprise!) have passed since the 100 underage prisoners on a space colony were sent to Earth to see if it was safe to repopulate.  Clarke, the central protagonist, is keenly aware that, if they all have radiation poisoning, they’ll start showing symptoms very soon.  One by one, members of their camp start falling sick, and Clarke and company fear the worst.  As if that’s not bad enough, they aren’t alone on Earth, and whoever was there first is pretty pissed to have company, if the increasing number of murders is anything to judge by.

“Was it better or worse than the first?”

I liked it more.  I still feel like Clarke is a bit of a weak character, but she’s either getting better or I’m just growing immune to it.  The other characters do a lot to make up for it, though.  Newcomer Sasha is a fantastic addition to the cast of characters, and Bellamy gets plenty of chances to flex his hothead muscles.

“What about the love triangles?”

Those seem pretty much missing, actually.  There were loads in the first book, but they’re notably absent from Day 21.  The characters seem to find their footing more in this book and there was a lot of plot developments to keep things moving forward.  There’s still another book in the trilogy for me to read, but I’m hoping that we’re pretty much done with the love triangles.  The only one I can see making a reappearance at this point is Glass/Luke/Camille, which has been more of a tertiary plot so far.

“Why should I read this book?”

It’s good.  It’s got great pacing and an intriguing plot, which helps take some of the sting away from the occasionally shaky characterization.  I definitely consider Day 21 better than its predecessor, and given the (extremely impactful) ending, I’m scrambling to get my hands on the third book, Homecoming.  Both The 100 and Day 21 are quick, easy reads, great for a rainy weekend or a lounge day by the pool.  Even if sci-fi isn’t your thing (it’s not really mine either!), you won’t regret picking these up.  Blogger’s honour.

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