REVIEW: “Revenge Best Served Hot” by Jackie Braun

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REVIEW: “Revenge Best Served Hot” by Jackie Braun

Title: Revenge Best Served Hot
Author: Jackie Braun
Series: Men of the Zodiac #6
Release Date: June 9, 2015
Publisher: Entangled
Source:  ARC from the publisher
Rating:  L-0 | S-3 | V-0

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“Ooh, an Entangled book. What’s it about?”

Revenge Best Served Hot, by Jackie Braun, is the sixth book in the Men of the Zodiac series (side note: I haven’t read the rest of these) and stars intrepid businessman Brody Flynn as the hero looking to right past wrongs by exacting revenge upon the man responsible for his parents’ deaths.  Enter Kate Douglass, daughter of that man.  When Brody takes over Douglass Shipping, Kate demands a job, eager to prove herself worthy of the responsibility her ousted father never gave her.  What follows is a fun and sexy romp that takes both Kate and Brody by surprise.

“Sounds cute.  So where’s the conflict?”

Brody wants revenge, and he’s not sure of Kate’s motives for wanting a job with him.  Is she one of his father’s spies?  He can tell she’s not faking her attraction to him, but just as he’s not sure about her motives, Kate can’t be sure he’s not just using her to get back at her dad.

“Did you like the characters?”

I did.  Brody and Kate are both likeable and relatable, and Braun does a good job of making Kate’s hard-ass father sympathetic by the end of the novel.  The only character I was a little iffy on was Seth, Brody’s best friend.  We don’t spend much time with him, but the time we do spend had me pegging him as a bit of an asshole.

“What could have made the book better?”

Things moved a bit quickly for me.  I’m terrible at judging the length of ebooks, but I did feel like the story could have benefited from a slower pace, to help build the tension between the main characters.  There was also the character of Collin Overton.  Overton serves as a largely antagonistic figure and causes some problems for the main characters throughout the story, but there was no climactic moment with him.  He’s simply ushered out of the story in the space of a couple of lines as soon as his purpose has been served.  I would have enjoyed seeing him get what was coming to him.

“So overall, how was Revenge Best Served Hot?”

It was good!  It was a fun, light read that you could easily get through in a weekend, if not an afternoon.  The characters have chemistry, and, as a zodiac fan myself, I really enjoyed that aspect of it.  I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for the rest of the books in this series.

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