REVIEW: “Homecoming” by Kass Morgan

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REVIEW: “Homecoming” by Kass Morgan

Title: Homecoming
Author: Kass Morgan
Series: The Hundred #3
Release Date: February 26, 2015
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Source: Library Audiobook
Rating:  L-0 | S-1 | V-2

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“You finished it!  What’s the verdict?”

Overall, the 100 series is entertaining and thoroughly readable.  The final book in the trilogy is Homecoming by Kass Morgan (obviously).   It begins with the arrival of the colony to Earth, and deals largely with how the 100 juvenile delinquents who’ve made Earth their home deal with this.  Or, rather, how our main characters deal with it.  With so many characters floating around, it’s natural that we have to pick a few to focus on.  We spend the book like the others, with Clarke, Bellamy, Wells, and Glass.

“And that worked for you?”

Absolutely.  I will admit that Wells isn’t my favourite character, but I didn’t dread his POV chapters.  Clarke, Bellamy, and Glass are all wonderful to spend time with.  I did think it a little unfortunate that we didn’t get any chapters with a POV from any of the other super interesting characters, like Sasha, but I understand the need for consistency and the need to limit the number of POV characters, so I can’t fault Morgan for that.

“Is it a fitting end to the series?”

It is so, so easy to fuck up the end of your series, no matter how long it is.  Harry Potter is one of my favourite things about life, and I’m still lukewarm about the epilogue.  I have to admit, the ending offered in Homecoming isn’t the greatest ending I’ve ever read, but it’s poignant.  I would be 100% behind it if it weren’t for one thing—Ivpr Punapryybe Eubqrf vf fgvyy nyvir naq nybhq gb or va pnzc/va punetr bs crbcyr.  I don’t understand that choice, and I don’t agree with it.  But otherwise, the ending was handled very well and neatly wrapped up most plot points.

“What about the show?”

What about it?  To be honest, I consider the book series and the television series two completely different things.  I’ve only seen season one so far, but I’ll be watching season two ASAP.  It’s a fantastic show.  And I probably do enjoy it more than the books, but that’s not the fault of the books.  The show is just amazing, and they’re not the same.  Aside from the premise and a few of the characters, they’re two completely different stories.  So my advice is to watch the show (always watch the show), and if you want to read the books (which you should), go in with an open mind.

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