REVIEW: “Locked, Loaded, & Lying” by Sarah Andre

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REVIEW: “Locked, Loaded, & Lying” by Sarah Andre

Title:  Locked, Loaded, & Lying
Author:  Sarah Andre
Release Date:  June 16, 2015
Publisher:  Entangled
Source:  ARC
Rating:  L-2 | S-3 | V-2

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“Gasp! Romantic suspense. What’s the premise?”

In Locked, Loaded, & Lying, Famed Olympic skier Lock Roane has been accused of murdering his rich, socialite girlfriend and is hiding out in a cabin in the woods until his trial.  Private investigator (and part-time journalist) Jordan Sinclair needs money, and needs it fast, so when a tabloid offers a quarter of a million dollars to the first person to offer up a Lock Roane exclusive, she goes a-hunting—and ends up directly in Lock’s lap.

“Sounds like fun!  But what was so great about it?”

For such a huge fan of romantic suspense, I sure haven’t been reading enough of it lately.  Maybe it’s just that I was feeling starved for something more suspenseful in my reading, but I really enjoyed the story told here.  I couldn’t decide who the killer was, and kept second-guessing myself when I thought I’d made up my mind.  I’m also a huge fan of a couple of the tropes used here—amnesia, an accident leading to being stranded in a cabin with a super hot lumberjack, etc.

“If you liked it so much, why didn’t you give it five stars?”

A couple of things could have made this book better.  While I loved the characters for the most part, they did occasionally have me pulling my hair out.  This isn’t altogether a bad thing, but I thought Jordan’s character could have benefited from some tempering.  She lies constantly, and then she spills her whole abuse-ridden past to Lock and his brother without much consequence (besides Lock being a total dick about it).  It certainly wasn’t deal-breakingly bad for me, but I would have liked a little more work put into making Jordan believable.

“Other than that, you liked the characters though?”

I did, very much!  Andre does a great job of crafting compelling, likeable characters in this story, aside from a couple of unflattering stock stereotypes like groupie bimbo Prissy and Italian playboy-turned-attempted-rapist Roberto Vannini.  Lock, his brother Leo, and Jordan were all interesting and well fleshed-out.

“And did you like the end?”

I did!  My only criticism would be the handling of Jordan’s family subplot.  Andre spent the entirety of the book building up the sense of dread around Jordan’s abusive father who’s hunting down her and her mom, and yet the entire confrontation happens off-screen.  That was an anticlimax and a bit of a letdown, truth be told.  Aside from that, though, the ending was satisfying and well-crafted.  Go read it for yourself!

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