About the Ratings

The Star Ratings:

  • Five Stars:  I loved it. Something about this book made my heart sing.
  • Four Stars:  I really liked it, and would likely read it again or recommend it to friends.
  • Three Stars:  This book was pretty good.  It’s nothing particularly special, but it wasn’t a waste of time.
  • Two Stars:  I didn’t like it, and would not read it again or recommend it to anyone.
  • One Star:  I hated it.  I either couldn’t finish it or I’m mad that I did.


The LSV Ratings:

  • L = Language
  • S = Sexual Content
  • V = Violence

The number from 0 to 3 indicating how much of that content can be expected from none (0) to unlimited possibilities (3).





Language No swearing or mature language at all. Content contains infrequent, mild swearing. Content contains some swearing, but it is not used in an abusive way. Content contains swearing and mature language.
Sexual Content No sexual content, innuendo or references at all. Content contains mild sexual innuendo and references. No explicit representations or references to genitalia or sex acts. Content contains sexual content, including references to genitalia and sex acts, but not explicit detail. Content contains sexual content described in detail.
Violence No violence at all. Content contains mild violence. There are no explicit descriptions of gore. Content contains graphic, but not explicit, violence. Content contains extreme violence.

This rating system is based, with love, off the RPG Rating system.